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Why Texas Eclipse Volleyball?

By Eclipse, 07/13/17, 1:00PM CDT


We realize you have choices when it comes to club volleyball and want you to understand the mission of our organization. 

We are built from the ground up as a Christian organization. Our faith is of 1st importance to us and we are serious about our commitment to help prepare young women for life, not just the next volleyball match. 

We are a large club that has many levels of teams, and every person matters regardless of the team or player ability. Every athlete in our program deserves the same things: 

  1. To be "coached up" to improve their skill level.
  2. To be treated with respect and appreciation.
  3. To let them know that we truly care about them as an individual, not just what they can do for us on the volleyball court. 

Texas Eclipse volleyball has qualified teams for USAV Junior Nationals seven out of the last eight years and those teams have had tremendous success including a 2nd and 3rd place finish nationally in the USA Division. 

We currently have over 30 Texas Eclipse alumni playing collegiately. Most recent highest honors go to the following alumni: 

  • Mallory Blauser - 2016 1st Team Division II All-American
  • Mallory Davidson - 2016 All-Tournament Division II National Championship
  • Taryn Huber - 2016 1st Team Division II Academic All-American

Every interview we have for new coaches starts with – “Are you serious about making a difference in young people’s lives?” We then talk about their experience as a volleyball coach. In addition, all conversations with existing coaches concerning our players start and end with how we can better make a difference in the player’s life, and what is best for them in their growth as a young person. 

This is our 15th year. Experience tells us what works and what does not work, and we are quick to adapt and change as needed to the changing needs of today's athlete. If you want a place that puts your daughter as a priority, then we would love to have you be a part of the Texas Eclipse family.